We assist individuals and their families when facing long-term care needs and have questions about how to pay for those costs

Our clients receive the information and strategies they need to make informed decisions about paying for their care while protecting their savings and retirement resources; including the equity in their home.

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Longevity Care Planning

  • Asset Protection




Medicaid and Veterans Aid &
Attendance are two government
programs to help pay for your care.



Legal ​




We know the healthcare system is complex, confusing, expensive and often many of us will outlive our resources. We assess and identify your needs and recommend services to support your care journey.

Real Estate Services

  • Sell your home with our team of professional Realtors

  • Downsizing

  • Move Coordination

  • Reverse Mortgage 

Placement Services

If you need to move to a long-term care community, we guide you through the transitional housing process and will refer you to one of our vetted partners.

If You Do Nothing, Your Life Savings Can Disappear

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