How We Help

A majority of families (84%) say they lack the information and tools they need when faced with a long-term care crisis. The costs of long-term care are staggering and can leave a family penniless. There are many questions to consider when making decisions about Long Term Care, including but not limited to financial, legal, location, and quality of life and care. Is in-home care an option? Is selling property required? Does Medicaid or Medicare cover costs? The ViCare team will help you make a plan that fits your needs and provides peace of mind no matter the situation. 

Asset Protection

Medicaid Benefits

Medicaid Benefits is a government program to help pay for your care. 


We can help in the following areas:

  • Attorney-represented Medicaid application and Planning Services. 

  • Application Processing.

  • Manage the application through the approval process.  

  • Coordinate benefits with community Medicaid providers. 

With proper planning, you don’t have to "Spend Down" all resources or jeopardize home equity before you start receiving benefits

Our clients receive the information and strategies they need to make informed decisions about paying for their care while protecting their savings and retirement resources; including the equity in their home.

Care Advocacy

Asset Protection

Medicaid Planning

The senior care system is complex, confusing, and expensive.  Therefore, it's important to understand your choices and options; especially when you are considering Long Term Care Medicaid.


We'll work with you to create a plan that compliments your specific needs and goals in mind.  

We offer solutions for: 

  • Housing Placement Assistance for Medicaid & Private Pay.  ​​​

  • Independent Living

  • Assisted Living 

  • Memory Care 

  • Long Term Nursing

  • Care Coordination

    • In-Home Care

    • Home Health 

    • Hospice

    • Home Safety 

    • Meal Delivery 

    • Home Repairs & Organizing

    • Adult Day Programs