About Us


Established in 2010 and locally owned.  ViCare is a Medicaid Planning organization designed to ease the stress of navigating complex care and benefits systems and avoid the financial devastation that often occurs with a health care crisis or long-term illness.

The ViCare Team

Teri Crocker, Certified Senior Advisor®  (CSA), Care Navigator & Medicaid Consultant, and Mike Homier, Attorney At Law, & Life Insurance Agent specializes in Medicaid Planning, together, provide you with over 40 years of experience in senior care planning and legal services. 

Our Services

  • Medicaid Eligibility 

  • Medicaid Planning, Asset Protection & Legal Services

  • Care Navigation 

  • Placement Services 

  • Community Resources


Planning for your care now will ensure that you will receive the longevity care you need and deserve while protecting your family, savings, and retirement, including your home.

A majority of families say they lack the information and tools they need when faced with a long term care crisis. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for what comes next. 

Question to consider when planning for long term care:  

Will I have enough money to pay for care?

What community resources services are available to help me? 

How do I preserve something for my family?

What legal documents to I need to have in place?